The East Bloomfield Historical Society Incorporated by New York State Board of Education in 1969 as the Historical Society of the Town of East Bloomfield, but known as the East Bloomfield Historical Society, it is the result of determination and perseverance of one local resident, Ms. Lena Steele. Ms. Steele had an avid interest in history and ensuring its preservation with attention given to architecture, common items of daily use, documents and resident family’s genealogy, all of which would be made available to the community. The Society resides in the 1838 Academy School House. Its chartered purpose is to preserve and promote an understanding of the community’s history for present and future generations. To this end Society artifacts are preserved and available for all residents or parties of interest to view. Currently, over 7,000 artifacts are housed within the confines of the Academy building with more being added each month. In November of each year the Society gathers as a whole for the annual dinner meeting. The annual meeting offers an opportunity for the membership to review the past year, set goals for the coming year, and elect representatives to lead the Society forward. The Society is only as good as its members and continues to seek people who share an interest in its core values. Together, we will continue to record and preserve daily events of life in Bloomfield for the purpose of both present and future generation’s appreciation and enjoyment.